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The development foreground of Kraft paper bag
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The appearance of Kraft paper bags has changed the traditional thinking that people's shopping can only be limited by the number of items they can carry with their hands, and consumers are no longer afraid to take away the joy of shopping itself. If the birth of kraft paper bags has driven the development of the entire retail industry, perhaps a bit exaggerated, but it has at least revealed to the business that the customer's shopping experience to become as comfortable, easy and convenient, you simply can not predict how much consumers will buy.

This is also the point that has led to the subsequent attention to consumer shopping experience, but also to promote the later supermarket shopping basket and shopping cart development. In the past half a century, Kraft paper shopping bag development is a smooth wind, the improvement of the material to enhance its load-bearing capacity, the appearance has become more exquisite, manufacturers will be a variety of trademarks, patterns printed in Kraft bags, into the streets of the shops. Until the middle of the 20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags has become a big revolution in the development of shopping bags. It has eclipsed the once-beautiful kraft paper bag with the advantages of thinner, stronger and cheaper manufacturing costs. Since then, plastic bags have become the first choice for consumption, while cowhide bags gradually "relegated to the second line." Finally, the scenery of the dead kraft paper bags can only under the guise of "nostalgia", "natural", "environmental protection" of the name applied to a small number of skin care products, clothing and books, audio-visual packaging.