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Making method of Kraft paper bag
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Kraft paper Bag because of its environmental characteristics, favored by the people, especially in Europe, almost all the use of Kraft paper bags, then Kraft paper Bag practice there are several.

1, small white kraft paper bags, the general size of this bag, the use of a wide range, because a lot of businesses have asked this Kraft paper bag cheap and durable, usually this Kraft paper bag is the practice of machine-shaped, machine-attached rope, entirely by the machine operation. 2, Medium kraft Paper bag practice, usually, the medium-sized kraft paper Bag is a machine paste after the synthetic type of handmade kraft paper bag, due to the current domestic Kraft bag molding equipment is limited by the size of the molding, and Kraft paper bag tape machine can only paste a smaller bag of rope, So the practice of Kraft Paper bag is limited by machine.

A lot of bags have no way to get the machines to do it alone.

3, large bag, has the opposite head Kraft paper bag, thicker yellow kraft paper bag, these Kraft paper bag practice wants pure hand-made, the present domestic has not been able to solve these Kraft paper bag molding machine, can only hand-produced, this kind of Kraft bag production cost is high, the quantity is not very big. 4, no matter what kind of Kraft paper bag, if the number is not large enough generally used pure hand-made, because the machine made Kraft Paper bag loss is large, there is no way to solve the small number of Kraft paper bag practice.