About Us

Covering an area of 15000 square, our company is based on the Bohai triangle. The natural geographical advantage provides convenient transportation conditions for the company's product export to all over the world. The products are mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. And other countries. Our company has advanced PS electric business express various kinds of composite packing, pearlite film composite bubble bag, kraft paper compound bubble bag, aluminized film compound bubble bag, anti static vacuum vacuum aluminum foil bag, large equipment aluminum foil bag, PE high pressure transparent plastic bag, nano air bag insulation material and material. Bubble bag is an extremely easy and convenient way to package goods. Simply pop the products inside, seal them up and your goods are instantly protected. ZHENG HONG Package specializes in custom printed bubble envelopes that showcase your personality and unique brand look.


  • Kraft Paper Bag Kraft Paper Bag

    Kraft paper Bag non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is currently the world's most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials. Kraft paper production of kraft paper bags are more and more widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothi

  • Production Of Anti Static Bubble Bag Production Of Anti Static Bubble Bag

    Bubble Bag is the principle of the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent product impact, to ensure that products are shaken to play a protective role, but also has the role of insulation, suitable for various industries of different product packaging or turnover.

  • Technical Parameters Of Bubble Cloth Technical Parameters Of Bubble Cloth

    The product color is mainly white, the width can reach 1800mm, the length is not limited. Bubble specifications are ф5x3mm, ф10x4mm, ф28x10mm and so on. Production of raw materials through special treatment, can be processed into anti-static bubble film, logo color pink, its surface resistance value is usually between 109-1011ω (standard environment test).

  • Application Range Of Bubble Bag Application Range Of Bubble Bag

    Mainly used for postal packaging of products. Bubble bag with damping bubble film, bubble film has numerous small bubbles, so the body light, flexible, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti-scratching function, widely used in electronics